Friday, December 19, 2008

Bernie Madoff and Charles Ponzi - Representative Clients

We certainly were taken aback by recent events surrounding Bernie Madoff. Bernie is one of our best clients. We've been taking care of him, and his investment funds, for years.

Frankly, we are shocked by all that's happened. With our guidance, Bernie Madoff has been pursuing a well-established investment strategy with a long history. When he got started he asked us for our advice, and we reached back into the vault to the old days when we represented Charles Ponzi.

Just like in the good old days, it all was going great. Unfortunately, when the markets turned south, the investment strategy failed. It happens with all kinds of investment strategies, and this one is no different. Bernie is catching way too much heat for doing what many others have done. He just did it bigger and better. And when it failed, it failed bigger and better.

But just like with Charles Ponzi, Bernie Madoff did some things right. He got his money first, and he made sure his lawyers got paid. So we're all set. The people who are complaining ... well, there's one simple explanation. They're losers, and losers whine.

Get over it. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get going. Maybe we can help. Give us a call.

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