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Our DUI defense unit has a long history at Dewey Cheatham & Howe. When Prohibition began in 1920, our criminal practice had a surge of related work. We grew from representing bootleggers and moonshiners to coordinating the trade in alcohol. The end of Prohibition hit us hard at first, but our resourceful DUI lawyers quickly found a new outlet for their creativity.


The great thing about DUI and DWI cases is how easy it is to win. Half of the cops, prosecutors and judges have been our clients at one point or another, which makes negotiations a lot smoother. For the others, they're usually incompetent or easily bamboozled.

If a trial becomes necessary, you have the good fortune that plenty of jurors like to drive drunk and are really on your side. Plus, our jury consultants will help us detect and remove the non-drinkers.

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