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Myron Weasel
Member since 1963

Myron is the senior attorney in the firm, and has long been the face of our personal injury practice. He trained as an associate under Dickie Dewey Jr., son of the firm's founder. Myron provides decades of wisdom to our staff. While he still assists in marketing and client retention, he spends most of his time treating young female associates and paralegals to vacations in exotic locations as well as in local hourly motels. He's earned it.

Jimmie Cochrane
Member since 1982

Jimmie heads the firm's criminal defense unit. Often mistaken for his late half-brother Johnnie, Jimmie actually invented the Chewbacca defense. After starting out on his own, he quickly recognized the greater revenue potential in representing wealthy clients and his deceptive talent helped him fit in well at Dewey Cheatham & Howe.

Elizabeth "Betty" Dumpzer
Member since 1985

Betty heads our firm's divorce practice. She got her nickname in high school after a string of relationships ended badly. She took this to heart and turned it to her favor, marrying a string of wealthy men and taking their money after catching them with the hookers she secretly sent them. Myron Weasel was one of her victims. But instead of getting angry, he appreciated her talent and helped her find a home here at Dewey Cheatham and Howe. She is also the firm's head of Human Resources.

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